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The Craft Brewery and the Tores Bravoras Restaurant are located in the eastern part of Vilnius, at the place of Ribiškės eroded hills. Our restaurant, located on the slope of a magnificent hill, is proud to be part of the Ribiškės Landscape Reserve, which belongs to Pavilniai Regional Park.

Eroded hills and spring gullies

At Ribiškės hills you will also find the highest place in Vilnius – Laimis Hill (235 m). Another distinctive feature of the hills are the gullies, which form spectacular erosion fans featuring a particularly rich terrain and a distinctive landscape. On the slope of these gullies, there is the Tores Bravoras, which reveals an expressive panorama that prevents boredom in all seasons. The hills are rich in small springs that flow into the Kaukysta stream and this one flows into Vilnia. In the production of our craft beer, we use water from the well that is located here.

Ribiškės Manor and “Kaimiška Kava”

The spring gullies of the hills have been inhabited since ancient times, farmsteads of Ribiškės village are located here as if it was in mountain valleys. Ribiškės Manor also stood here once, which was later turned into a restaurant “Kaimiška Kava”. The guide to Vilnius and its surroundings, published by Adomas Honoris Kirkoras in 1859, tells us that "Kaimiška Kava" has been the most attractive place for city residents for many years. In the open air or in the hall reaching throughout the whole house, there were summer banquets, noble picnics, luxurious dinners, student outings and carnivals.