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The Craft brewery and Tores Bravoras restaurant, surrounded by the unique nature of Pavilniai Regional Park, is a great place for weddings, family celebrations, gatherings of friends, hosting of foreign guests
and dining, business and informal events. This can be a small beer tasting or the whole Biergarten – beer garden!

(and other family celebrations)

We have been hosting weddings for a long time. We do it well and with great love. The Great and White Hall is perfect for this white day, and the terrace with panoramic views of Pavilniai Regional Park becomes like a scene without decorations for the whole holiday. We are a family restaurant, so if you are planning other family celebrations like christening, birthdays or something less fun – we are ready!

Price from EUR 50 / pers.

Tasting of regional cuisine
(for tourists and others!)

For foreign guests (and others!) we offer one of the most local regional cuisine in one place. “Regional cuisine" consists not only of traditional Lithuanian, but also Vilnius and Vilnius region dishes – Belarusian, Polish, Jewish, Russian, Tatar and Karaite dishes.

Price from EUR 35 / pers.

(for family, friends, and businesses)

In summer, on the terrace, we organize the Biergarten – beer garden. Biergarten – is an open-air event that includes serving beer and local traditional food, playing music, singing, and playing games. This German tradition born in the nineteenth century in Bavaria may also be the subject of your private event.

Hikes in Ribiškės Regional Park
(for family, friends, and businesses)

It is a joint program of Pavilniai Regional Park and Tores Bravoras. Together with a professional hiking guide you will discover Ribiškės eroded hills, a spring gullies and even the highest place in Vilnius – Laimis Hill (235 m.). After an active hike we will invite you to a tasting of beer and Lithuanian cuisine!

Hiking guide service EUR 17.4 / h

Traditional Lithuanian feast
(both for yourself and for guests)

Oh, and here we can do and show you and your guests a true Vilnius Baroque – stuff pikes and duck, immerse Jewish carp in jelly, make rolls, and even make freshly smoked duck! Yes, there may be a stuffed piglet or even a whole boar!

Price EUR 25 / pers. (min. 20 servings)

Beer table to home
(both for yourself and for guests)

What kind of Lithuanian feast, and especially wedding, is without a beer table? Order a “Beer table” to your home – trust us to create a beer table for your celebration. We will brew the beer specially for your celebration, prepare snacks to beer – famous baked bread, smoked ears, beans, and smoked duck!

Price EUR 10 / pers. (min. 20 servings)

Great50 people150 people
White (with terrace)50 people70 people
Tasting hall (with projector, audio and video equipment)30 people30 people