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Our cuisine – a Vilnius based culinary swing. Or Lithuanian, but not national, but from the perspective of multi-ethnicity. Vilnius residents of many different nationalities who have worked in our restaurant for many years have brought their traditions and recipes. Here you will find Lithuanian (ordinary village and noble), Belarusian, Polish, Jewish, Russian, and we even prepare some Tatar and Karaite dishes.


Our cuisine is seasonal, so every day we prepare a new lunch menu.
Lunch is served on weekdays from 11:00 to 15:00.
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Tores Bravoras

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À la carte

The restaurant menu consists of two parts – regional cuisine and foreign specialties relished with Lithuanian seasoning. “Regional cuisine” consists not only of traditional Lithuanian, but also Vilnius and Vilnius region dishes – Belarusian, Polish, Jewish, Russian, Tatar and Karaite dishes.

“Tores bravoras” is not a historic, reconstruction kitchen restaurant – we make only those dishes whose production tradition is still alive today. Therefore, our menu naturally includes foreign dishes, which for some time are gradually becoming Lithuanian. We make them more “ours” by seasoning them with Lithuanian ingredients.

Menu (PDF)