Craft beer

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We are a small and independent brewery. We brew the beer we like ourselves and our regular guests. So, it is the Vilnius kind. We are proud of the well-known Tores branded light beer (pilsner). However, we are creative – we continually brew something to make everyday life more cheerful – warm beer for Christmas, cherry or other for summer time, according to mood and season.
Beer is made from water from our well, which is in Pavilniai Regional Park, malt (light barley, caramel barley, wheat), hops, beer yeast. We are confident and proud – our beer is a true handmade beer.

Beer tasting

Tasting is a great solution for a friend company, to welcome guests from abroad. We can arrange tasting for you alone or for your whole feast. You can taste beer alone, or combine it with local cuisine. Call us – we’ll talk it over.

Tasting of three beers – EUR 6 / pers. Lecture about beer – EUR 100.

Beer table

What kind of Lithuanian feast, and especially wedding, is without a beer table? Trust us to create a beer table for your celebration. We will brew the beer specially for your celebration and prepare snacks like famous baked bread, smoked ears, beans, and smoked duck.

When tasting beer, we offer snacks that goes well with it. Price – EUR 10 / pers.